Changing the Domain Game with Smart Landers

What if you could create the perfect for-sale landing pages all by yourself? What if you could select an industry-leading template, designer fonts, and color palettes that best fit your domain names and professional needs, then point, click, and instant edit each and every element?

The past year we’ve been hard at work, building exactly that. We call them Smart Landers and they are the biggest and most important feature we’ve ever built at Efty.

Smart Landers will change the way domain name investors utilize For-Sale landing pages for their domain name portfolio. It will help boost inquiries & sales, and reach more qualified buyers for your domain names but also can help prevent UDRP and INDRP (India) losses.

As our development team is hard at work putting the finishing touches on our Smart Landers feature I want you to share in our excitement by giving a sneak peek.

Smart Landers will help you drive more inquiries and sales: 👇

Go for a lander type & form positioning that works for your portfolio:

Make an Offer, Buy-it-now, Contact Us, or just a form. You decide where each element is placed.

Boost appearance with striking visuals and color pallets:

Choose a color pallet and one of our stunning visuals, or upload your own banner image.

Instant Edit. Everything.

Edit each element of the Smart lander page to your liking. And yes, this includes the buttons.

Increase sales by offering multiple payment providers đź’¸

Offer buyers multiple options to transact including,, Stripe, and PayPal

Control the Form. Control the conversation.

Create custom forms and gather the right data to lead negotiations.


Smart Landers will also be automatically enabled with an SSL certificate for each individual domain name you point to Efty’s nameservers. Enabling SSL not only helps keep your visitor’s information safe, but having SSL on your For-Sale landing pages keeps your buyer’s mind at ease as it provides authentication and trust.

You can of course also host Smart Landers on your custom, SSL-secured, domain, including your own Live Chat integration via our and WhatsApp integrations.


Smart Landers will be available for all Efty Investors subscribers before the end of the year. We are 100% committed to our position as an industry innovator and the catalyst behind an insane amount of offers, inquiries, and most importantly, commission-free domain name sales, and can’t wait to start this next chapter for Efty together with you.

Not an Efty Investor user yet? Sign up for a free trial today.

4 thoughts on “Changing the Domain Game with Smart Landers

    1. Yes, whenever you create and save a smart lander we issue a short code so you can assign the smart lander to certain domains in your portfolio via the bulk editor and csv bulk editor tool.


  1. Hi Doron, this is amazing and exactly what I was wishing for, this feature will really help me to create the perfect landing pages for my domain names. I don’t wish for more with a big THANK YOU, Hussein Kefel

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Doron, How are you doing?

    I hope you are well.

    This is yet another great feature you are adding on to Efty for your users to use.

    You keep on developing it by adding new features to improve it, which will benefit the domain industry,

    Congratulations on this new feature, and is nice to see you are releasing it in a ‘launch’ style, giving people a sneak preview of it, before it is actually released.

    Your Efty users will love this.

    anyway, Hope you are good

    Matt Morgan


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