goes up for sale on Efty.

Registered in over a whopping 753 different domain name extensions, the “crypto” keyword is among the most sought-after and valuable second-level domains of this moment. Combine this with one of the most popular domain extensions of the last few years, .Co, and you arguably have one of the best .co domain names to become available on the aftermarket in a very long time:

The domain name is offered for sale exclusively via the Efty platform by Unbanked, a fast-growing fintech company changing the way people interact with money. The company acquired the domain name from its previous owner in a private transaction and has since developed the domain into a cryptocurrency resource delivering real-time crypto price information and news.

“Data shows more and more large institutions and retail buyers are adopting crypto as a means of payment and new store of value,” said Ian Kane, Co-founder and CEO of Unbanked  “When deciding to sell I knew Efty should be our platform of choice.  Owning is a great way for any brand to capitalize on this new paradigm shift.”

With the company focussing on their core business they have now listed the domain name for sale with an asking price of US$599,000 and interested parties can reach out via a dedicated for-sale landing page on or instantly secure the domain name by starting a safe and secure transaction via

Unbanked chose Efty Investor to market their asset because of our commission-free platform, giving them full access to data, allowing them to interact directly with potential buyers as well as our track record in hosting some of the world’s most valuable domain name portfolios that are offered for sale.

Previously, the domain name sold for $300,000 via Efty in a buy-it-now transaction handled by

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