Improved workflow, bulk parking, editing and more!

It has been a productive start of the week for the Efty team as both of us are working from the Groningen office this week and we’ve been able to push the launch button on a bunch of cool new features and much-requested improvements:

Improved CSV import:

After increasing the number of domains you can upload to 500 domains at once we have now also made several changes to help you guide through the upload process using a CSV import file.

Bulk parking:

A huge time saver is that you can now park your domains at Efty in bulk. All you have to do to point multiple of your domains to beautiful For Sale landing pages at the same time is:

Go to your Domains overview and if needed run a filter on domains not yet parked at Efty or another preferred filter such as registrar or purchase date:

Select the domains you would like to park at Efty (or Check all) and hit Edit selection:

Click: Bulk park at Efty:


Make sure you have your nameservers pointed to / and you are done!

Improved export:

You can now choose to export just your portfolio domains, sold domains or dropped domains or all of them combined. Check your maintenance tab to start exporting your domains!

Improved workflow after adding a new domain:

After adding a single domain name to Efty you can now easily move on to park the domain at Efty, add it to integration partners such as Sedo, Bodis or ParkingCrew, view the domain or add another domain.


Bulk editing and managing: 

Last but not least is a much-requested feature that allows you to manage and edit your portfolio in bulk. Let’s say you renegotiated your yearly renewal fee for .com domains down from $10 to $8.37 you can now simply run a filter on all your .com domains and bulk edit the yearly renewal fee for all your .com domain names at once. To perform a bulk edit on your portfolio you simply filter and select the domain names you would like to edit and hit the green Edit selection button at the bottom of the domain overview and click Mass Edit:


Edit the renewal fee (or any other field of your liking) and click the save icon next to the field to paste the new value to all the domain names in your selection:


After copying the new value to the selection you hit the green Process button and done. Another huge time saver we hope you will love a much as we do!

What’s next?

We’re busy working out the details of a grandfathered, lifetime subscription plan for our loyal beta users but we also have a couple of cool updates in the pipeline for you before we roll out paid plans in a few weeks. The most notable being the ability to better brand your efty marketplace by allowing you to upload your own logo and a less prominent Efty branding on For Sale landing pages (efty parking).

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