Less Efty, more Customization.

You’ve worked hard on building your domain name portfolio and nothing should stand between you and a potential buyer when they visit your marketplace or land on one of your parked pages. That’s why we have removed the Efty logo from the top of your landing page of all your domain names currently parked with us. This was a much-requested change and we hope it will increase conversions and kill any possible distractions at the buyer’s side while making an inquiry on one of your great domain names!

Upload your logo and make Efty your own! 

Another much-requested feature was to upload a custom logo for your Efty marketplace so I am happy to share that as of today you can upload your own custom logo to replace the standard Efty logo that currently sits on top of your marketplace.

All you need to do to upload your custom logo is go to Settings > Efty Market and click the Upload custom logo link.


And voilà, your own custom logo will automatically overwrite the Efty logo on your marketplace:


Awesome logo design skills not included 😉

Let us know how you get on with it and if there’s anything we can help you with!

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