For-Sale landing Pages made easy, new designs and more!

It’s been a few weeks since our last update but I can assure you we’ve been very busy with further improving Efty and making the platform easier to use for both new and existing users. So, what’s new?

For-Sale landing pages: point and done!

As of today, new domain names that are added to your Efty account are automatically added to our parking zone-files. This means that all you have to do is point your domain name’s name servers to and and your For-Sale landing pages are live.

Pepper, Mokum and Rising: Three new For-Sale landing page designs.

We’ve added three fresh new designs to the For-Sale landing page Theme gallery and are collaborating with one of our favorite publishers in the domain name industry to release a few more custom designs shortly.

The three latest additions to the Theme gallery are:

Easy on-boarding for new users:

New users have their portfolios added to Efty within minutes with our new on-boarding tool that does a reverse Whois lookup on the email address (or addresses) of the user. If adding your domain portfolio to Efty was the biggest roadblock preventing you from becoming an active user in the past you should definitely sign-up for a new trial and kick the tires.

Stay tuned for another big announcement in a couple of weeks!

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