Large portfolio? You’ll love our new bulk import and update tool.

When we started building Efty back in 2014 our initial focus was on helping investors better manage and track their portfolios. We quickly found out however that the most popular features were those that help you sell your domains: customizable For-Sale landing pages and your own Marketplace.

As a result, we shipped a myriad of new features over the years with the sole purpose to help you increase domain name sales:

  • Custom logos and backgrounds for your For-Sale landing pages.
  • Custom descriptions, USPs, and Minimum Offer field.
  •, DAN.COM, PayPal and Stripe integration.
  • 40+ landing page themes including, BIN-only, UDRP safe and Call-to-Action themes.
  • Verified inquiries.
  • Google Analytics integration.

But all this customization and different options came with a price. Making changes in bulk became increasingly more cumbersome over the years with the current setup, especially for those of you with large portfolios. Until today.

I’m very happy to announce a new Bulk Import & Update tool which we built from the ground up, allowing you to both add domains or make changes to (parts of) your portfolio directly from your favorite spreadsheet software, in one go, saving you valuable time whether your portfolio has a few domains or thousands.

Import - Efty

The new tool is also an important step towards getting our platform geared up to start servicing large enterprise portfolios – a much-requested feature since we launched Efty.

A detailed tutorial on how to use the new tool can be found here and a list of all the definitions to be used in the CSV can be found here.

As always, we welcome your feedback, suggestions or questions at [email protected]

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