Instantly collect payments with Stripe.

Stripe Logo (blue)I’m happy to announce the launch of yet another payment method for buyers of your domain names: Stripe. Stripe integration has come to the Efty Professional plan because many of our power users have been asking for it so our team worked hard to make it happen.

As the leading payment processor for internet businesses, Stripe can help you move your domains faster by giving buyers a super-easy way to purchase your inventory immediately with any major credit cards, without having to leave the Buy-It-Now page.

At Efty we always recommend using a licensed escrow integration partner such as or DAN.COM for high-value transactions but we also understand the benefits of using Stripe for lower-priced inventory such as instantly receiving payment for your domain names and allowing buyers to pay for your domain name in a matter of seconds instead of going through the often longer, escrow process.

Setting up your Stripe integration in Efty works the same as our integration with, DAN.COM, and PayPal. Once you have linked your Stripe keys with Efty you can select Stripe as your default or secondary payment platform which will place a Stripe branded Buy-It-Now button on your landing page and/or marketplace:

Stripe and Efty 2
Individual For-Sale landing page (North theme)
Stripe and Efty
Marketplace Site (Borgen theme)

Once a buyer clicks the Buy-It-Now button we take them to a simple Buy-It-Now page to capture some essential information such as Name and Email which Efty will email to you.

Stripe and Efty 3

When a buyer clicks “continue to payment” they can pay instantly from the embeddable payment form that works within the site on both desktop and mobile. All without being redirected away to complete the transaction.

Stripe and Efty 4

After payment, we direct the buyer to a confirmation page with the contact details of the seller and the buyer will also receive a receipt for their purchase via email which includes your company contact details.

Stripe and Efty 5

Once your buyer has successfully submitted payment you will receive an email notification from Stripe confirming the payment (make sure you have email notifications enabled for all payments within Stripe) for the domain name and you have to reach out to the buyer to facilitate the transfer process of the domain name as soon as possible. Please note that this is your sole responsibility as the seller of the domain and failure to do so might result in a chargeback and possibly the closure of your Stripe account.

It’s super easy to add Stripe powered BIN (Buy-it-now) buttons to your marketplace or For-Sale landing pages. For more information, check out our set-up guide here.

5 thoughts on “Instantly collect payments with Stripe.

  1. Hi,

    It’s clear that this is rather an option for domains for $299 than for $10,000. But what’s your advice regarding fraud prevention (stolen cards)? Maybe some extra terms regarding security checks, that seller has the right to demand a copy of the buyer’s passport and cc or selfie?

    Also, I am wondering if you can refuse to accept a transaction for free without delivering when it’s obviously a scam attempt or when the buyer doesn’t agree to the security check. In my opinion, all this needs to be included in the terms.


    1. Hi Michael, as stated in the post we definitely recommend using a licensed escrow integration partner such as or Payoneer Escrow for high-value transactions. Stripe is pretty good at spotting fraudulent payments (stolen cards etc) and you will receive a warning when a payment is deemed suspicious. You can always refuse and refund payments via Stripe. More information about chargeback and disputes can be found here: and again: always use a licensed escrow service if you want 100% protection as a seller.


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