Four New For-Sale Landing Page Themes.

Our most popular theme in the For-Sale landing page gallery has been Kiffer for a long time.  It has hosted hundreds of thousands of domains through the years and has been the catalyst behind an insane amount of offers, inquiries, and commission-free domain name sales

The theme features a dark background image that shows the skyline of Seattle which works well with the white font.  It looks great and has proven to drive excellent visitor-to-lead conversions.

The orginal Kiffer theme

Nonetheless, we understand that some would prefer a different background for a variety of reasons so I am happy to share that we just added four additional templates based on that very same theme design.

The first new template is Samir. This template not only features a different background image. We also changed the “Make Offer” form into a “Contact Us” form without the mandatory Offer field. This allows you to have a Buy-It-Now price on your landing page as well as an easy way for buyers to reach you with questions but without any option to counter-offer the BIN price you’ve set.  The fresh, green background resembles growth and prosperity.

Samir – see live

Next up is Helpman. This template uses a bright-blue background image of the sky which fades into clouds halfway throughout the landing page. It should speak to entrepreneurs and businesses who dare to dream big.

Helpman – see live

The third template we’ve added is named Eastgate. It features an epic image of a dense forest with a sun rising from behind the mountains. It evokes emotions of a new start and opportunity.

Eastgate – see live

Last but not least, we added Jupe, a template with a dark background of a snow-covered mountain under a brightly lit sky filled with stars. The shooting star symbolizes good luck and change.

Jupe – see live

Show moreAnd for those of you that have an Efty powered marketplace, we’ve made a small but effective change to the “Show more” link that shows at the bottom of your search result pages.  It has been changed into a button that shows well on any type of background you’re using for your marketplace so you don’t have to worry anymore about it being hard to read in the case of a dark background image.

10 thoughts on “Four New For-Sale Landing Page Themes.

  1. I’m glad to see more new landing page themes which are awesome. Thanks to Efty CEO Mr. Doron Vermaat and His Genius Team. Keep it up, is the best in the world

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    1. I just trying out Samir, Doron. Don’t like it, the footer is not formatted the way home and garden is, and it doesnt fit all niche. My favorite is home and garden, Really don’t want it to say. “This domain may be for sale”, and then a form to make offer.
      Huge improvement imo to give us option of make offer or contact us form for each lander. Not everyone understands domains
      Is it possible to give us option “contact us” or “make offer” for each lander? Or USP for UDRP safe templates.
      The footer must be formatted same as UDRP safe, for me to use a template. It’s what I like, as i prefer envelope over worded email, for one reason. Samir looks like aspargus stalks or martian fingers, sorry bud. I am testing now, and must say it looks way better on my iphone, and footer looks very nice.
      Thanks Chris for mentioning this, I hope your watching this thread and your input is great help


    1. By allowing you to write custom descriptions and bulletpoints and the total absence of pay-per-click ads, Efty is arguably the most SEO friendly solution in the market for parking your domains.

      You can however, never expect a single page with thin content to rank very well organicly for any other term than the exact domain name.


  2. Great stuff. Congratulations to Lionel Petitiaux and Doron for adding to the expanding suite of choices.

    Being a Buy It Now exponent, I have just switched all my Efty domains to the SAMIR theme so that my BIN strategy can be used with a “Contact Us” panel instead of a “Make Offer” panel.

    I totally agree with the comment by Chris above:

    “I like the ‘Contact Us’ instead of just ‘Make Offer’ option…” etc.

    That comment is wise because it is unfortunately counterintuitive to have a “Make Offer” option on a “Buy It Now Page.” You want to discourage offers, not encourage them!

    This opinion can be supported by the recent BrandBucket sales report published by Raymond Hackney at TLDinvestors:

    BrandBucket has apparently discontinued offering discounts to buyers, and as everyone knows, they operate on a successful buy it now model:

    “For those buyers who requested a discount and did not receive one, the closeout rate was over 75%! This supports BrandBucket’s messaging of transparent pricing and will allow you the sellers to get the highest take home amount possible.”

    This is valuable and actionable intelligence. BrandBucket now declines to give discounts when requested – but nevertheless still closes more than 75 per cent of those serious enquiries! If you have fair prices, most buyers will still buy even if you decline to give a discount.

    So thanks Lionel and Doron for providing the SAMIR theme, the excellent new intuitive option.


  3. Please offer more backgrounds for the Samir type theme. The current background photo does not match my niche.


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