It’s here: SSL-Secure For-Sale Landing Pages with Live Chat. Powered by Efty & Hosted on Your Own Custom Domain.

You want SSL-secured For-Sale landing pages but don’t want to host them on We get it.

You want to bring the magic of Live Chat to all your For-Sale landing pages but don’t want to have your domains redirect to an Efty Marketplace? Check.

Perhaps you need a simple homepage for your domain investing business, without giving others an option to see your entire portfolio? Right on.

I am super excited to announce that as of today you can:

Host all of our badass For-Sale landing page themes on your own custom domain.

This is a brand-new and standalone feature that can be enabled on any Growth, Professional, Lifetime or Enterprise plan and allows you to set up a custom domain name on which you can host beautiful For-Sale landing pages for ALL of your domain names that are using Efty’s nameservers.

I’ll share with you how this works exactly in the video walk-through below 👇🏼

Your custom domain name comes with SSL and optional Live Chat.

Enabling SSL not only helps keep your visitor’s information safe, having SSL on your For-Sale landing pages keeps their mind at ease because it provides authentication and trust while our live chat integration with allows you to communicate with buyers in real-time, provide support and act quickly when an interested buyer comes knocking.

To get started with your custom domain name, go to Settings > For-Sale landing pages within your Efty account. Check here for a step-by-step tutorial.

Not an Efty user yet? Get started with a free trial account today.

4 thoughts on “It’s here: SSL-Secure For-Sale Landing Pages with Live Chat. Powered by Efty & Hosted on Your Own Custom Domain.

  1. Hi Doron – this is amazing! I’m tempted to upgrade my account to Growth to utilize this option, I’ll be checking it out in the coming days. Would this be compatible with my website that has existing content (that is not a marketplace domain)?


    1. Hi Jason, you will lose all existing content on the domain’s homepage + any other pages the site has as Efty will put up a different homepage on the domain. An example will be – when you navigate to this domain you will be redirected to the custom domain I use for this feature which is

      If you check out the homepage for you will see a simple homepage that is created by Efty and can be updated from within Efty.

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      1. Could you, instead of redirecting to your site’s url root,point it to a specific page below so your home url is untouched? like instead of


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