Host your marketplace and your For-Sale landing pages on a subdomain.

I am really happy to share with everyone that we’re now supporting sub-domains at Efty.

So what does that mean?

It means that if you currently have a developed website for your domaining business you can now host an Efty-powered marketplace on a sub-domain of this site. For example, or

The awesome thing? You can also set this up for all your individual landing pages and host these on a subdomain like sales.yourwebsite or or any subdomain you choose to create.

Or, of course, you can do both. Host your marketplace AND your for-sale landing pages on two different sub-domains of your website.

Using a sub-domain to host Efty’s for-sale landing pages or your marketplace is a great way to keep your existing site or blog online and bring the power of Efty’s technology to your own domain.

To learn more about how to set this up, please check out the tutorials in our knowledge base by following the link below.

Host your Marketplace on a subdomain.
Host your For-Sale landing pages on a subdomain.

Not an Efty user yet? Get started with a free trial account today.

2 thoughts on “Host your marketplace and your For-Sale landing pages on a subdomain.

  1. Hi Doron, thank you so much for this amazing improvement, definitely, it is a fantastic tool for boosting our domain business further. I’m really excited and I thank you again. Hussein Kefel Domain Name Investor, Dubai, UAE


  2. Great improvement Doron.
    But can I go the other way? I currently have an efty marketplace on a domain and would love to add a blog on a subdomain, i.e


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