sells for $300,000

Today we are very excited to share that Richard of MagnumDomains sold the domain name trough Efty for a whopping $300,000. Once reported, will rank as the second highest .CO ever sold and the second highest ccTLD ever sold based on NameBio’s data.

The most expensive .co domain name ever sold was which sold for $350,000 to overstock back in 2010.

Richard told us the domain name sold via Buy-It-Now with the transaction being handled trough our integration. The entire process only took one day. No broker was involved and the sale was 100% commission free for the seller.

Richard owns a portfolio of another 890 premium 3-letter acronyms which he has build over the last 11 years. He shared with us that this sale is an example of having patience and playing the numbers game. He acquired back in 2010 for $25 which was long before Ethereum, the decentralized, open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality was founded.

9 thoughts on “ sells for $300,000

  1. Hello Doron, how are you doing?

    This is great story showing that holding onto a domain for many years does pay off.

    A domain should be held for 5+ years to see the potential buyers who show an interest in it with serious offers.

    The sale of this gives a prime example of this.

    Congratulations on the sale Richard, and great yield in profits!

    I hope you are doing well Doron.

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  2. The simple fact there was zero negotiation tells me buyer was high as hell behind the BIN button. The day folks realize ALL this crypto shit is going to be regulated once states/ countries roll there’s out. Am I the only that understands this fundamental fact???


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