Play Hard to Get with Efty’s Ugliest Landing Pages.

In 2016, Efty launched a “first of its kind” service within the domain name industry: A customizable For-Sale landing page gallery, with at the time, four different themes. In the following years we committed ourselves to significantly improve and expand this feature, adding themes for Buy-It-Now only, Price Upon Request, Call-to-Action, and UDRP-safe and INDRP-safe themes, growing the gallery to over 80 different for-sale landing page templates.

Our latest For-Sale landing pages are slick, modern-looking and mobile-first designed pages that load lightning-fast and optimized for the best visitor to lead conversion. You can even host them on your custom, SSL-secured, domain, with your own Live Chat.

However, some domain names, mainly the ultra-premium names in your portfolio, you just wish to HODL until that perfect end-user, with the matching budget, comes knocking. And just like with finding a mating partner, making the chase harder will significantly increase a potential buyer’s desirability. Quite simply, immediately reciprocating another person’s interest may not be the smartest strategy for attracting the strongest offers for your top-tier domains.

So, without further ado, we’re pleased to introduce you to:

Readme.txt, Under Construction 🚧 & Geocities

Efty is here to help you play hard to get, at scale. We worked hard (well, kinda) on creating three landing pages that will take any visitor on your domains back to the days of the dial-up internet, flashy text art, pixelated graphics, and broken HTML.

These templates will give visitors the impression they have stumbled upon an abandoned website but, in true Efty fashion, there still is an easy way to contact the “site owner”. And when visitors do, Efty will capture not only their email, phone number and message, but also the IP address so you have all the necessary information to do some research and due diligence on the lead before reaching back out.


This landing pages will remind visitors of a website that is no longer properly configured as the design is inspired by a Nginx 404 not found error. It will show the domain name, a custom text (that you can write within the Profile box of the domain) and your email address (as taken from the Account > Profile page within your account) in a simple plain text file format, like a Readme.txt. The page also hosts a contact form that feeds straight back into your inquiry funnel.

Check this template live at

Under Construction

We all remember the incredible lame, Under Construction signs that used to plaster the web in the early 2000s. At Efty, we want no-one to ever forget so we worked with the world’s finest designers to recreate the most amazing animated gifs that will rotate on this landing page (hit refresh and you will see another gif).

Check this template live at


We’re saving the best for last. Who remembers the magical days of Geocities? This Yahoo! owned web-hosting service was a paragon of this early internet era that allowed users to create and publish websites for free. For many folks, this is where their internet journey started and they will feel this nostalgia when landing on your domain. Just like the Readme.txt landing page, this theme will feature your email address and a contact form, alongside a majestic Jurassic Park Welcome banner.

Check this template live at

Keep in mind that if you have Email Verification for buyers turned ON, anyone that submits an inquiry via these landing pages will receive an email from Efty with a link to to verify their email address. You may want to choose to switch this off for the best possible outcome.

Here’s to bigger deals 🙌

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5 thoughts on “Play Hard to Get with Efty’s Ugliest Landing Pages.

  1. Hello Doron, how are you doing? I hope you are well.

    This is a great way to put us back into the past of how things used to be. It is interesting to see how things used to be online and how things now have developed, especially with the domain industry.

    Keep up the work,

    Matt Morgan


  2. Truth be told. This will make it harder for domains to be purchased. Landing pages should be concise, straight to the point and have a clear message. Things need to be simplified and not complicated. “Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It’s hard to keep things simple.” – Richard Branson


    1. We fully agree and that is why we have almost 80 for-sale landing page templates that make it as easy as possible for buyers to make an offer or right out purchase a domain. For this series, making things harder is the purpose as you can read in the post – hence the series is called “hard to get”.

      Efty is about choice for domain name investors while other marketplaces force you to use something they have decided is the best option.


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