Improvements and new features you’ve asked for.

One of the major factors to growing a successful SaaS product such as Efty is that we always prioritize your success as a domain name investor. We are always trying to earn your business by helping to address pain points and we understand that our business model allows you to easily get started but, it is just as easy to unsubscribe if we do not deliver on our promises or keep improving our domain name sales platform.

We’ve got a terrific response from everyone on our latest survey and I wanted to give you folks an update on what we’re doing with your comments and suggestions.

Instalments and lease-to-own:

The most requested feature by far was for domain financing, a solution that allows buyers to pay for your domains over time, in instalments. We teamed up with our friends at and already brought this feature to the marketplace back in July. I am happy to share that as of today, domain name financing via is now also active on your own, Efty-powered marketplace if you use one of the latest themes, Michelet or Spinoza. If you have already activated this feature, there’s nothing you need to do. If not, just follow these simple steps.

Keeping your login session alive, longer.

We significantly extended the login sessions for the Investor app, meaning you now remain to have access and can keep working on your domain name portfolio troughout the day without the need of having to sign back into your account. We understand this was an annoyance for many of you so we’re happy to be able to improve this part of your experience.

Initiate a transaction from within Efty at only 5% commission.

You can now easily initiate a new transaction without having to leave your Efty dashboard. This is perfect for negotiated sales and the awesome thing is that it works for both Buy-It-Now or up to 60 monthly instalments. Transaction initated via Efty will be processed by for an industry low 5%.

I’ll share with you how this works exactly in the video walk-through below 👇🏼

What’s next?

Next up we will be working on building a completely new marketplace theme for those of you with an Efty-powered domain shop. In this design we will be incorporating a lot of your feedback from the survey and we’re super excited to share our progress with you soon.

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