Why the Top Domain Portfolios use Efty: Access to Data

Why are so many ultra-premium domain names pointed to Efty and what is the reason many of the most valuable portfolios in the industry are hosted on our domain name sales platform?

In this video series, I will break down the four most common reasons why successful domain name investors and brokers choose Efty as their sales platform.

Today we dive into how Efty is the only domain name marketplace giving you complete and full access to customer data. So when a buyer inquires about one of your domain names, you have all the information needed to research the opportunity, identify the buyer and then maximize the deal size through negotiation.

In this video, I share examples from my own portfolio on how this works and how Efty will help you sell more domain names.

Stay tuned for our next video in which we discuss Efty’s unique Governance.

Not an Efty user yet? Sign up for a free trial account today.

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