Sell more with LTO & add flair with CSS.

Say what? Two small but useful product updates were pushed live this week for Efty sellers. Read on to learn more.

Lease-to-own is now supported on Fresku, Nubia and Nobo For-Sale landing pages.

Our domain name financing integration with is now fully supported on the Fresku, Nubia and Nobo For-Sale landing pages.

By offering visitors an option to pay for your domains over time, you instantly attract buyers who couldn’t otherwise afford your domain and you will find that you spend less time in negotiations. Making it a win-win on both sides.

By activating Lease-to-own on your domain name portfolio, you will generate more profit by exponentially increasing your sale-trough rate while also building a recurring revenue stream from your domain portfolio. Ready to get started? Here’s how this works.

Custom CSS support for your domain name marketplace.

If you have coding knowledge (or have someone on your team that does) and wish to customize your Efty marketplace beyond the adjustments you can make from the dashboard, you can now add CSS code using the CSS Editor!

To add CSS code:

  1. In the Settings menu, click Marketplace, then click Add Custom CSS
  2. Add your code.
  3. When you’re finished, click Save to publish your changes.

CSS can be used to change text, colors and the layout of your marketplace.

Important note: Custom code, including CSS, falls outside the scope of our support. This means we’re unable to help further with setup or troubleshooting. Additionally, with a code-based solution, we can’t guarantee its functionality or full compatibility with Efty. 

Not an Efty user yet? Sign up for a free trial account today.

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