Smart Landers has entered open beta 🎉

Smart Landers is a complete redux of our popular For-Sale landing page feature and the most significant feature we’ve ever built at Efty Investor. We are stoked to announce that this game-changing landing page builder entered open beta today.

Anyone with an active Efty Investor account can build their perfect landing page today, and we invite you to share any feedback, suggestions, bugs, and feature request with our team during this beta phase.

Smart Landers will change how domain name investors utilize For-Sale landing pages for their domain name portfolio. It will help boost inquiries & sales and reach more qualified buyers for your domain names, but it also can help prevent UDRP and INDRP (India) losses.

To start with Smart Landers, please head to Settings > Smart Landers in your Efty Investor account. Tutorials on creating your first Smart Lander can be found in our knowledge base here.

Not an Efty Investor user yet? Sign up for a free trial today.

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