Better, Faster, Stronger: the new Domains Overview

Our analytics show us that with almost 8% of all page views the Efty Domains overview is where you spend most of your time. The grid of domain names that allows you to track, manage and sort your portfolio is the backbone of Efty.

I’m very happy to share that this backbone has just become a lot better, much faster and stronger!

  • Lightning fast search and sorting of your portfolio on more than 20 different criteria.
  • Immediately see which domains get the most inquiries.
  • Easily export any type of data report to excel with a click of a button.
  • When you add or remove fields these custom settings as well as your latest search will be saved for your next visit (when using the same browser).
  • Last but not least: You can now bulk edit minimum offers, BIN prices and the for-sale landing page theme for up to 100 domains at the time.

Go give it a try and let us know what you think!

Thanks to Saro, Declan, Daniel, Rob, Towhid and Rod who helped us test and beta the new grid! It’s gotten so much better because of you.

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