It’s here: PayPal + Efty = Awesome.

Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of yet another payment method for buyers of your domain names: PayPal.  PayPal integration has come to Efty because of your feedback; we heard how important it is for you to offer PayPal in your marketplace and/or individual For-Sale landing pages and worked to make it happen.

As a trusted, secure, and seamless payment method, PayPal can help you sell more domain names by giving your buyers an easy way to pay and by allowing you to reach more buyers around the world.

At Efty we do recommend using a licensed escrow integration partner such as or DAN.COM for higher priced domain names but we also understand there are benefits of adding PayPal buy-it-now buttons for your lower priced inventory such as receiving instant payment for your domain name and allowing buyers to pay for your domain name in a matter of seconds instead of going trough the often longer, escrow process.

PayPal integration at Efty works the same as our integration with and DAN.COM. Once you have linked your PayPal account with Efty you can select PayPal as your default or secondary payment platform which will place a PayPal branded Buy-It-Now button on your landing page and/or marketplace:

PayPal Efty integration 1
Individual For-Sale landing page
PayPal Efty integration 2
Efty Marketplace

Once the buyer clicks the Buy-It-Now button we take them to a simple form to capture some essential information such as their Name, Email, and Phone number which Efty will email to you.

PayPal Efty integration 3Once the buyer clicks the “Continue to PayPal” button they will be directed to the website where they can pay for the domain name instantly. As an added bonus, the logo of your marketplace will be displayed on the top of the PayPal checkout form.

PayPal Efty integration 4Once the buyer has successfully submitted payment for the domain name you will immediately receive an email from PayPal confirming the payment for the domain name and you have to reach out to the buyer to discuss the transfer process of the domain name as soon as possible. Please note that this is your sole responsibility as the seller of the domain and failure to do so might result in a chargeback and possibly the closure of your PayPal account.

It’s super easy to add PayPal BIN (Buy-it-now) buttons to your marketplace or For-Sale landing pages. For more information, check out our set-up guide here.

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